Vizyon Lemon Charlotte Powder Mix 200 g


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Vizyon’s Lemon Charlotte Powder Mixture creates a delicious lemon flavoured mousse filling for cakes and pastries, or enjoy on its own as a delicious mousse

Avoid the rubbery texture that comes from gelatine based mousses. Vizyon Charlotte Powder is vegan as well as Halal certified.

Creates 1.45kg of delicious lemon mousse!


Simply dissolve the powder in water and fold in whipped cream, you can also use Vizyon Whipping Cream Powder.
Create moulded mousse cakes and shapes by piping the mixture into silicone moulds and freezing.
If coating in a mirror glaze be sure to glaze as soon as you remove the mousse from the freezer.


A 200g packet will require 1000g of whipped cream
If making moulded mousse cake to be glazed spray your moulds with Sprink or oil, and whip your cream to soft peaks.
If using to layer between cake whip cream to stiff peaks, assemble your cake, then set in the fridge for 15-20 minutes.


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