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Achieve a clean white, rich and creamy whipped cream using the incredible Vizyon Boncream Whipping Cream previously known as Vizyon Perla Whipping Cream. Made from premium quality whipping cream, this incredible powder will transform into a stunning cream perfect for easy spreading without the cracking and watering.

Vizyon Boncream Whipping Cream does have a higher milk powder content than the Vizyon Stella Whipping Cream, however this amazing Boncream Whipping Cream will have increased density while maintaining volume and a delicious creamier taste.

This multi purpose cream can be used for buttercream, piping flowers, filling your cakes and so much more! This high quality Whipping Cream will still holding intricate designs when stored in ambient temperatures and is perfect for Australian weather conditions.


Whip the cream mix with cold water or milk (10-15ºC) on high for about 3-4 minutes.
Chill whipped cream mixture for 15 minutes before use.


The best ratio of water and whipping cream is 2 litres of chilled water or milk to 1kg packet of whipping cream.
Keep the left over cream in the fridge or freezer in a cool (25ºC) and dry place. Rewhip in your mixer when needed.


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